Community Green Station, Hong Kong, HKSAR

The Environmental Protection Department is seeking to build a Community Green Station (CGS) in Wan Chai in close proximity to the waterfrontpromenade. The CGS is a unique typology that aims to educate and promote environmental awareness to the public, also functioning as a collection point for different types of recyclables within the local community. Learning from the traditional villages and markets found in Hong Kong, our concept emphasizes on intimate and human-scaled spaces, program mixing and diversity of activities through the usage of small pavilions, narrow alleyways and courtyards. 

Situated within a complex site with industrial character, our project responds to the specific conditions of the surrounding context through establishing public spaces, landscaping and building massing.

The program is organized around the central courtyard, with the flexibility that each program can expand and contract depending on future needs. While each program can function independently, they can also be connected through the courtyard to cater a wide range of activities, creating an interplay between the interior and exterior.

Each module is built as an independent steel structural frame supporting a pitched wooden roof, with walls created through different infill elements. The modular construction logic enables the project to be easily reconfigured and readapted to other sites while maintaining the overall design concept.

Our project aims to create a CGS that is inviting to the community, relates to its surrounding context, and celebrates the mixing of educational, productive and technical program. Conceived as a series of small pavilions that are unified by an undulating roofscape, our project is reminiscent of the traditional villages and markets that is familiar and representative of Hong Kong.

Location: Hong Kong, HKSAR
Client: Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
Year: 2018
Status: Competition
Program: Institutional
Size: 670 sqm
Team: Kelvin Ho, Nicolas Lee, in collaboration with Young Kang, Henry Lee