Low Rise Housing, Los Angeles, USA

Fitting to a standard 50-by-150-foot mid-block generic lot in Los Angeles, our proposal intends to challenge the typical fourplex housing model by creating a new typology that is inviting to the community, celebrates the idea of “living together”, puts emphasis on sustainable living, and provides flexibility in unit composition. Conceived as a slab building lifted on pilotis with inserted objects and veiled in a polycarbonate facade, our project seeks to provide an alternate model for low-rise affordable housing that can be adapted in different neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles.

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Client: Mayor’s Office and Christopher Hawthorne, the Chief Design Officer for the City of Los Angeles
Year: 2021
Status: Competition
Scope: Architectural Design
Program: Residential
Size: 4,500sf
Team: Kelvin Ho, Douglas Lee, Nicolas Lee