Other Projects designs things. We apply architectural thinking to domains beyond traditional buildings - our work range from narratives to strategies, objects to furniture, interiors to exteriors, villages to cities. We like to explore and create playful designs that respond positively to ever-changing contemporary needs in rational, innovative and often, naive ways. Other Projects was founded by Nicolas Lee in 2017 and is currently based in New York City (and sometimes, Hong Kong).


- Finalist, Last House on Mulholland Competition, 2017

- Winner, Moran Folly Competition, 2016

- Winner, ChiDesign CADE Competition, 2015

- Finalist, Young Architects Competition, 2015

- Jury’s List, The Next Helsinki Competition, 2015


- Next Home Seoul, OCDI Press House, 2018

- HouseUS, OCDI Press House, 2017

- The Helsinki Effect, UR/Terreform One, 2017

- Moran Folly 2016: Peaceful Dynamics, 2016


- Moran Folly Winners Exhibition, Moran Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2016

- La Narration du Quotidien, Forum d’architectures, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2016

- ChiDesign Exhibition, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago, USA, 2015

- The Unbuilt Pavilion, Design Miami, Miami, USA, 2015

Past Collaborators:

Jyri Eskola, Kelvin Ho, Yewon Ji (Ji/Otterson), Young Kang, Ryan Otterson (Ji/Otterson)